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How can you optimise your orders on online food aggregators?

Now that you’ve launched your cloud kitchen business, you must ensure that you’re making the most of it. It is critical to list your ghost kitchen business on web aggregators in order to maximise income. Because you are creating a brand as well as expanding your business. It may appear overwhelming at first to improve revenues, but it is not rocket science. You may always take little initiatives to improve your cloud kitchen business strategy. Here are a few pointers to assist you to make your food company more lucrative and improve the number of repeat orders.

On-Time Delivery 

It is critical for your company to deliver the meals on schedule and without any delays. People have little tolerance when it comes to waiting for their food to be delivered, and prompt delivery can help to minimise the unfavourable image. Maintain a reasonable and up-to-date delivery timeline. To generate a good impression, avoid setting unrealistic targets. For example, if you believe it would take you 30 minutes, specify the precise time on the applications to offer your consumers a clear image.

Mark the Order Ready 

It is very important to indicate your order as ready on your partner app so that delivery guys receive all alerts on time and your food is picked up while it is still hot. This lowers the possibility of food becoming cold and stale.

Keep the KPT On-Point! 

You should try to cut down on meal preparation time as much as feasible. If you do not cut the preparation time, you may run out of time for delivery, and you do not want to lose potential consumers and repeat orders. Customers like it when their food is delivered on time, which may be accomplished by adhering to the KPT.

Get All the Badges Possible! 

Nowadays, online aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato include badges that increase your visibility. If you want to offer your brand actual worth and legitimacy, you must spend on obtaining those badges. For example, Zomato now has a logo that says MAX SAFETY, which means that your brand is taking all feasible precautions to provide food in the cleanest possible manner. This will reassure your clients that you are adhering to all Covid-19 protocols and supplying clean and sanitary meals.

Keep Every Information Updated

It is critical that you keep all information up to current, from outlet hours to menu items. Mention the opening and closing times and keep them up to date so that riders and customers are well-informed. If you want to keep your outlet closed or open later than normal the next day, update it on the apps so that consumers do not order food and are dissatisfied. This helps you increase your brand’s ranking on aggregators.

Have an Advertisement Plan Ready

When you are starting out in the market, it is necessary to run advertisements on Swiggy and Zomato. You may find it pricey at first, but the rewards will be worthwhile. This advertising will increase your exposure and allow you to make more money in the long term. After all, your primary aim is to grow your company to the point where it is profitable. These advertisements also assist you in gaining more trust and credibility.

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