Kitchens Centre offers fully-functional kitchen spaces set up that restaurants can use to expand their reach with minimal investment. The restaurant is charged a predefined minimum guarantee rent for using the premises.


We rent a potential space that is currently under-utilized.  We design and customized that space into a fully functional and compliant kitchen space, fitted out with all the necessary utilities needed to run a restaurant business. Restaurants we partner with move in and begin using the kitchen to run their business in a new locale with high demand.  The set up of all utilities such as the water supply, electricity, plumbing, maintenance and security are handled by Kitchens Centre

  • No Build Cost: Kitchens Centre takes care of setting up the kitchen infra and ensuring every aspect is compliant with our industry standards. None of this cost is passed on the restaurant. 
  • Shared Cost: Each centre can house 6-10 restaurants at once. This allows them to share the cost of Common Area Maintenance charges like security, waste disposal, CCTV etc.
  • Minimal Risk: Fail safe locations identified for high order potential using data insights, user and Brand partner surveys.
How is each KC’s Kitchen outfitted?
Each kitchen build comes with flooring, plumbing, drainage, exhaust, ducting, electrical fittings, scrubbers, and all utility provisions like gas lines, water connections etc. taken care of. It can accommodate 5-8 restaurants at once.
How much space will a single restaurant get a KC’s Kitchen?

We have 3 modules: Micro, Medium & Large varies from 150 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. Average unit size is 300 sq. ft. Enough to operate hassle-free.

What if I want a larger space than 300 sq. ft. at a KC’s Kitchen?

At the moment we only have standard kitchen sizes of 300 sq.ft. at each location. However we can evaluate this basis on the brand’s requirement and redo the civil work to modify the space accordingly. Please direct all such queries to “info@kitchenscentre.com”.

Will Kitchens Centre provide kitchen equipment?

No. Each restaurant will have to use their own equipment, which is best suited to their specific needs.

Why is Kitchens Centre not providing kitchen equipment?

The range and specification of equipment differ for every restaurant partner. They are the best judge of what works well for their specific cuisine and menu.

Will I require my own delivery staff?

No. KC will help you to get your brand listed on various food aggregators.

How long will I have to move in and set up my kitchen? (Fit-out period)  

Once the kitchen location is ready you will get 7 days to move in and start sales.

Is a security deposit required prior to moving in?  

Yes. At the moment of signing the LOI to move into a KC’s Kitchen, we would require a refundable security of 1 lakh or 3 months’ advance rent, whichever is higher. This amount will be refunded once the dues has been cleared during the exit from the premises.

What licenses do I require to operate out KC’s Kitchen?  

Restaurants partners will be responsible for procuring and displaying all the licenses that are required to run and operate a restaurant. This includes FSSAI license, trade and health license (wherever applicable depending on the city) etc. Meanwhile, any compliance and regulatory guidelines related to the property itself will be taken care of by the landlord on behalf of KC.

Is there a lock-in period for the restaurant?   

Yes, there is a one year lock-in period; however, we would require a 3-month notice in the event that the restaurant partner wants to leave the premises.